Friendship. Knowledge. Service. Morality. Excellence.


We are the Gamma Tau chapter of Phi Gamma Delta (FIJI), a national fraternity with 136 active chapters across the United States and Canada. Since our chapter’s founding in 1926, we have enjoyed a rich brotherhood of both undergraduates and graduates including the likes of G. Wayne Clough and Russ A. Chandler among others. We have been housed at Landon-Nelson Hall since 2013 and are excited to perpetuate our values of friendship, knowledge, service, morality, and excellence through our scholarship, philanthropy, involvement, and athletics.



Dean Dull Award for Best Overall Fraternity - 2016, 2017, 2018

Cheney Cup for Best Overall FIJI Chapter - 2016

Baker Cup Standout for Service- 2018

3rd Place Coon Plaque for Best Chapter Publication - 2018

3rd Placement Brightman Trophy for Best Graduate Relations - 2018

1st in Leadership - 2018

1st in Philanthropy -2018

1st in Athletics - 2018

1st in Educational Programming - 2018